Sandy Bay Tai Chi

Robert Gray

Certified Instructor: Tai Chi Fundamentals®,
Tai Chi Fundamentals Adapted Program®

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Weekly Tai Chi Fundamentals Classes Fridays 12-1PM at the Rockport Community Center, First Floor, Rockport, MA, beginning October 2, 2015.

Private and small group lessons available by arrangement.


Tai Chi Fundamentals(TCF) basic movements and form. Tai Chi Fundamentals® is an introductory simplified tai chi style based on the Cheng Man Ch'ing lineage of Yang style Tai Chi. During October and early November the emphasis will be on the basic movements. Thereafter classes will consist of both basic movements and form practice and corrections. Drop-ins are welcome.
The regular class will be followed by a 1:00-1:30PM optional practice of Tai Chi Fundamentals and the Cheng Man Ch'ing 37 posture Yang style short form.

The Tai Chi Fundamentals class is held immediately following another Tai Chi group, the 5 Circles Tai Chi group 10AM-noon, and the two Tai Chi groups share a common fee structure: for participation in one or both groups the first class is free and afterwards the dues range from $5 to $7.50 per class depending on the combined enrollment.

Yang Style Tai Chi and Tai Chi Fundamentals



I began Tai Chi classes with Meredith Morgan in Rockport in 2011 and continued with classes in Yang style Tai Chi in both the Cheng Man Ch'ing 37 posture short form and the Beijing standard 24 posture short form in both Massachusetts and California. In 2014 I began taking teacher training workshops with Tricia Yu and Pat Culotti in Taos, NM, and Madison, WI. TCF is arguably the most gentle Tai Chi for people like me with ankle, knee, and hip problems. I am recovering from hip replacement surgery in August 2015 (arthritis and childhood Perthes disease) and have found the pratice extremely beneficial. In July 2015 I was certified to teach TCF and its adapted form for those needing external support (chair, walker).

Tai Chi Fundamentals Instructor Training with Masters Tricia Yu and Patricia Culotti . Almost all the other students were active physical therapists or occupational therapists. I'm the old guy with the white beard.

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